Class day #2

I really didn’t expect college to be so emotional. My first class of the day is Intro to Deaf Studies.  Today we watched a very enlightening, yet to me, very sad film about the deaf culture. It just makes me want to cry for all they have endured, and yet still endure simply because they are deaf. All the misconceptions through the years of how and why and treatments…  It really did get to me.  It also confirmed that although this road I am taking is long and might have some bumps, I AM on the right road for me.

The other classes were “easy” today. The instructors are nice and seem to want to know their students and help them too. You just have to speak up.  (Isn’t that what I tell my kids when it comes to their own class work too?)


Of course I am the nerdy kid that tries to sit up front or at least in the middle of the room where the teacher is most likely to look the most often. The noticed student often does better. I am not afraid to ask questions. How else will I know? I am not afraid to answer out loud either, even if it is wrong. How else will I learn?

I am surprised by how exhausted I feel though. Physically and mentally. I hope that next week I will have a better routine down and start to feel more ‘at home’ with my new life’s schedule.

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I am just a crazy lady with 4 kids and a husband. Who knows what motherhood and life will bring my way.

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  1. Glad you are seeming to be enjoying the beginning of a new year in college! How exciting :) I, too, was the “nerdy” kid! lol…To me, it definitely pays off getting the most out of one’s classroom and learning experience. We take that knowledge with us for the rest of our lives. Kudos to you, for making the most out of yours! :)

    And in regards to the deaf culture…it is so true that it is absolutely tragic how some groups of people have been treated by others. I remember some of the videos at college I watched that were moving, disturbing, touching ,etc…That was 12 years ago and they have still lingered in my subconsious.

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