Boys and Girls of Fall-Monday Memory


As my kids start the school year that now starts in summer instead of fall I am reminded of my school days. I was a Girl of Fall.

I was a cheerleader in middle school and in the drum and bugle corp in high school. 20 years since I have been in high school and I can still hear the crowds and smell the smells.

Climbing on top of the pyramid because I was the tiniest girl. (barely 80 pounds).

The ache in my calf after hours of marching practice. Hearing the crowd clap as we march off the field. Most likely glad because we were getting off the field.

My freshman year I marched in the Fiesta parade that no one was prepared for how long it would be. It was so hot too!!  Gotta love south Texas in the summer! I can still hear the giggles from a group of 30 girls. Going to the Magic Time machine restaurant and having the Orgy meal.   I had no clue what an “orgy” even was at 15!!  The older girls that new got a kick out of laughing at us.

I live in small town Texas. High school football is our way of life. Those boys and girls of fall work hard for what they do. It will only be a fleeting memory in a matter of a few short years.  Help them make the best of it. If you can, go out and support your local high school team!  BUY at the snack stand, that money goes to the booster club.

Enjoy the hard work of your local Boys and Girls of Fall.

About crazyladyx5

I am just a crazy lady with 4 kids and a husband. Who knows what motherhood and life will bring my way.

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  1. Ah the sweet memories of our youth. I love fall and all that goes with it. thanks for the reminder. “Go BRUINS” yes support your local tem.

  2. I love fall and all the activities that are a part of it. I also was a cheerleader in high school and I remember the energy, the enthusiasm and the team spirit that enveloped the school as a whole when games took place. I read your post and sighed at the thought of the good ole days! :)

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