I’m AMAZING!!! No, not really..

Recently I have started a new adventure. I am now a full time student. I also have four kids, a husband, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a 4 bedroom house to take care of.

I am hearing a lot of how “amazing” I am along with,” How do you do it?” And of course,”You go girl!”

Let me correct some of you. I am NOT amazing.. My family is!!  My family is having to put up with quick meals, doing more around the house (even the 6yr old who is the youngest), and a witchy mom.

I am NOT amazing, I am ALLOWED…  All my kids are in public school (which I despise because I am homeschooler at heart). My husband has preferred that I stay at home with the kids while they were itty bitty. I agreed and this worked for us. (please working mom’s, don’t take that as an insult, we all do what is best for us and our families).

We have eaten more frozen meals, pre-made hamburger patties, and boxed meals in the past 2 weeks then we have in the past 15 years!!!   

THEY are AMAZING for putting up with me and ALLOWING me to do this.

As for how I do it? I sleep walk a lot ;)

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About crazyladyx5

I am just a crazy lady with 4 kids and a husband. Who knows what motherhood and life will bring my way.

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  1. Make no mistake: what you are doing IS amazing! You forgot to mention the many physical maladies that you face!

    This is the reason I keep telling my kids “Get your education NOW!!” It’s so much harder when you are older, have real responsibilities, mental and physical stressors, and being out of the “culture” of student life. Having a supportive family is critical to your success.

    So you’re just an amazing bunch! When you graduate, it will be an accomplishment for all of you.

  2. Be grateful for your family for sure, no one could make less of that, but also remember who raised them and instilled the giving and cooperative natures they seem to have. A fantastic accomplishment all the way around, you are amazing I know what it is like with 5 kids, no matter how “good” they are normal life is always a bit of a challenge, let alone what you are dealing with. Take some credit where credit is due.

  3. It is lovely that you give your family so much credit – and while it is well deserved, don’t sell yourself short! :)

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